About Us

Global Networks, Local Focus

Our mission is to deliver competitive energy technology, resources and infrastructure to New Zealand, and it’s Pacific neighbors.

Fasten comes with a unique approach of Design and Deliver. Our Team is experienced to Design a customized product that suits your budget and is high in quality standards. 

Part of our goal is to provide competitive pricing to support accessibility to New Zealand with many renewable resources.

Fasten sources its inventory straight from the manufacturer though direct relationships with acknowledged international brands. With these long-standing relationships already in place, Fasten can provide cost savings and efficiencies across an entire spectrum of solutions.

From creating customised products to procuring state-of-the-art equipment, Fasten’s ability to secure cost effective outcomes is the key to our success in New Zealand’s energy sector.

Meet Core Team Behind Us

Neha Priyanka

Neha is a multi-faceted management professional, with a vast experience in the domain of strategic planning and operations managements, in the start-up domain to help companies build a vision and increase their market share and valuations.

Neha has donned many hats with renowned Corporate start-up companies with her vision and leadership skills to achieve a global standing today. 

First with American Airlines, she was instrumental in setting up On Ground operations for American Airlines in the year 2004. Following this, she also successfully implemented Airline Inventory Reservation system for Low Cost Carriers (names confidential). Further on, her start up knowledge and business skills made her a part of the core team of dnata- Emirates group, in India, to set up the Indian operations.

From the start, during and outside work, Neha was always focused on encouraging her peers and local community members is adopting environmental friendly initiatives in their daily lives.

Finally having moved to New Zealand in 2015 ,the opportunity with Fasten came her way. This gave her a base to reach out to a wider section of people to share her passion and work to made New Zealand a world leader in sustainable energy domain.

Dr.Vaithianathan Veeramuthu

Dr.Vaithi possesses an excellent scientific and management career providing vision, leadership, strategic thinking, and compelling value in the field of renewable energy.

He has a passion for renewable technologies/products which would mitigate Carbon emissions upon successful implementation – in line with the goal of New Zealand government to reaize Zero Carbon emission by 2050.

He has gained 15+ years of combined professional experiences in cutting-edge technologies, production equipments, technology/process transfer in various businesses including c-Si Solar Photovoltaics Value Chain, Sapphire/ZnO/GaAs for substrates/light emitting/photovoltaic applications, Vacuum heat-treatment – brazing, annealing, hardening for Automotive/Aerospace applications. He has been instrumental for several million$ business revenue being technical-sales backing.

He played a vital role in MW to GW-scale Solar PV value chain manufacturing start-up projects and well conversant in evaluation and selection of technologies, equipments for manufacturing and metrology applications. He is well conversant in technology/process transfer to assure expedited, smooth and successful transfer of equipment, product and process technologies from development to manufacturing ensures the product reliability and repeatability thru the product life-cycle.


This combination of natural elements and colours depict the ideal relationship between ourselves and our environment. This icon symbolises our quest to work with the natural environment in New Zealand, and around the world, sustainably and renewably.

The Square

This symbolises our natural environment. Our vision is to work with it sustainably to power the future.

The Sky

Without this umbrella, all life on earth would suffer. We are here to help protect it for future generations.

The Wind

It’s energy is unlimited and it powers the planet naturally. We are committed to doing the same.

The Earth

All great enterprises are grounded in the bedrock of their belief. We stand firmly on a foundation of authenticity and respect.

Our Values

To serve our clients with integrity and respect

To act authentically and transparently

To create insight and clarity

To source reliable & cost effective solutions fit-for-purpose

To partner and support our clients throughout the relationship